WV8BSA Repeaters

WV8BSA-Lucida-Sans-FontThe Summit Repeater Association was formed in March 2013 to support the repeaters at The Summit near Mount Hope, West Virginia. These three repeaters were provided by Icom America as part of their sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America and their support to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree. They will remain in place for the next several years supporting not only the Jamboree but all events at The Summit as well as the local community.

In May 2013, the Summit Repeater Association was granted the call sign WV8BSA for use with these repeaters. If you're headed to any other event at The Summit, here's the frequencies. The FM repeaters support Echolink. So you can reach these repeaters from around the world either by Echolink or via D-Star.

Summit Repeater Frequencies

RepeaterCall SignOutput FrequencyOffsetTone
2 m AnalogNA1WJ146.700 MHz-600 kHz123.0 Hz
70 cm AnalogWV8BSA444.025 MHz+5 MHz123.0 Hz
70 cm D-StarWV8BSA441.8125 MHz+5 MHzN/A

In June 2013, Icom America installed the repeaters at Rock Borrow on the telecommunications tower serving the Summit. Here's the photos from the installation.

100_5521 100_5374 100_5520 100_5318 100_5346 100_5395 100_5427 100_5388 100_5375
Telecommunication Tower at Rock Borrow, Summit.
View of the Jamboree at SBR from the tower.
Rock Borrow Tower
Unpacking the repeater racks from Icom America
Configuring antenna cables
Further cable configuration
Three Icom America repeaters installed at the Summit
Amateur radio repeater antenna on the tower
Repeater antenna against the evening sky