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2017 JOTA Report Winner — K4V

Thanks to everyone who filed their JOTA Station Report. As promised, all the names were entered into a drawing and K4V was the winner of the Icom ID-51A Plus. Thank you Icom America for your continued support of amateur radio in Scouting.

K4V was on the air from Louisville, TN and the Great Smoky Mountain Council. They've shared a few photos of their operation along with a delightful video that captures the excitment of getting on the air during JOTA. Congratulations to George Shields and Stephen Carpenter of K4V for conducting a great Jamboree on the Air operation and in winning the HT for filing their station report.

K4V Jamboree on the Air Operation in 2017 from K2BSA on Vimeo.

We used RandomPicker for the drawing. Click on the seal of approval below for verification.

K4C 2017 JOTA Report

This station report was provided by Rob Rousseau, KI4BKE, for the K4C operation in the Black River District of the Occoneechee Scout Council in North Carolina. It's a great example of operating a top notch JOTA event and providing an excellent report.

Black River District JOTA 2017 Report

In late June, ARRL posted an article announcing the theme for the 60th Jamboree On The Air - "60 Years Connecting Scouts." Rob Rousseau, KI4BKE, Cubmaster of Pack 66 realized this coincided with his District campout. First he checked with the campout organizers and they were interested in having a JOTA station. He contacted a couple of local Amateur Radio Clubs first to see if there was any interest in a JOTA station at the campout. Fortunately Brian Knox, KK4BK, President of the South Wake ARC responded positively. Another member, Chris Pickar, K4CLP, and Carl Rasmussen, KM4GDU, of Boy Scout Troop 320 also volunteered. In addition, YouTuber John Brier, KG4AKV of Space Comms, volunteered to do a special AMSAT satellite contact demostration during the event.

Be Prepared!

Rob met with Chris early on to start brainstorming on what to do, bring, etc. Both and had calendars to follow which helped immensly. Chris had printed out the new ARRL posters for display - Rob designed a QSL card and ordered JOTA patches through his Occoneechee Council Scout Shop. He also ordered several free brochures from the ARRL to handout. Chris also registered a special 1x1 callsign for the weekend, K4C for their Apex location. In addition, Chris also registered our JOTA station and received our JOTA ID (JID) - 6US89F. An on-site visit was made beforehand to get an idea of where to put equipment and antennas (and check for power!).

A few weeks before the event, local Gary Pearce, KN4AQ of Ham Radio Now, did a great episode (#347) of JOTA's 60th anniversary - Rob relayed this to his fellow operators and scouts to get an idea of what to expect and tips.

Day of Event:

Setup began at 8am and by 9am was ready for guests. Several groups came by first thing in the morning and kept our operators very busy. Brian, Chris and Carl ran radios while Rob did an introduction to radio and kept counts for the JOTA report. Pizza was delivered to the group during a much needed break for lunchtime. The 1:10pm satellite demo with AO-85 went really well with three contacts while several families and scouts watched with intense interest.


  • Have a JOTA station at a Cub/Boy/Girl Scout campout.
  • Space out stations & antennas further apart if possible. Some bleed over was experienced.
  • Phone mode was more popular than Digital. The boys really enjoyed talking to someone.
  • Have a Check-in/Introduction table if possible. This will help with crowd control and with JOTA report. We had several large groups show up in the morning. If you have a couple of HF or VHF/UHF stations going, you can space the groups out among them.
  • Have lots of chairs available.
  • Have a local simplex talk-in frequency for Hams and Scouters with HTs.


132 Cub Scouts, 25 Boy Scouts, 3 Girl Scouts, 5 amateur radio operators, 15 visitors.

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Amateur Radio Newsline and Filing Your JOTA Station Reports

Both Amateur Radio Newsline, the ARRL, and our JOTA Newsletter have published requests for JOTA Station Reports. The deadline is November 1. You can file your report through the online submission process at JOTA Station Report.

Here's the report on Amateur Radio Newsline from Bill Stearns, NE4RD. He offers sound insight on collecting the necessary information for your station report.


PAUL/ANCHOR: With this year's Jamboree on the Air in the log books now, stations have other work to do, as we hear from Bill Stearns NE4RD.

BILL's REPORT: This week in radio scouting we need to turn in our station reports for Jamboree on the Air. This year we had a total of over 12,600 registered stations around the world for JOTA and this included 1,000 in the US topping last year's number of 500. Now is the time to file your report. This simple two-page online web form includes your station information, a bit about the numbers at your event, a couple comment boxes for feedback on the event and a place to submit pictures and videos. Don't worry if your numbers aren't 100%, as I know I had to piece together mine from logs, team members, and some scribbled notes. Just like a cub scout, do your best.

Now that you have submitted your station report, it's a great time to to meet your volunteers and debrief the team. How did things go? Did you have the right gear? What was the most valuable piece of gear at the operation? Were there any issues with flow through the stations? Did the weather present any issues? And the ever important question, did we spend enough time planning?

As you answer these questions with your team, take time to visit our website and check out our planning guides for Amateur Radio Operators, Scout Leaders and our Countdown planner. We'd like to hear your feedback on what we can do better to help you plan and execute your radio scouting events in the future.

For JOTA station reports and information on radio scouting, please visit our website at

For Amateur Radio Newsline and the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association, this is Bill Stearns, NE4RD

September 2017 Jamboree on the Air Newsletter

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