K2BSA Branded Merchandise

The K2BSA Amateur Radio Association has partnered with CafePress to offer a line of branded merchandise. In addition, embroidered shirts, jackets and caps can be purchased from HamThreads. We expect to announce name tags soon from the SignMan.


K2BSA - CafePressCafePress provides all manufacturing, order taking, and order fulfillment as well as customer service. K2BSA ARA provides its logo and selects the products to offer. In exchange, K2BSA receives a small portion of the proceeds.

You can find the full listing of products at www.CafePress.com/K2BSA  Or click on the storefront image to the right.


HamThreads is offering a full line of embroidered hats, shirts, and jackets. You can find the K2BSA logo at Jacket/Shirt Designs and at Hat Designs. We've included sample images.

IMG_1200Don't forget that both HamThreads and the SignMan offer Radio Scouting emblems as well.