Radio Scouting Presentations

We've provided four Radio Scouting presentations directed at our two major audiences: amateur radio operators and Scouters.

Amateur Radio Operator Audiences

In September 2016 Tom Medlin, W5KUB, hosted Bill Stearns, NE4RD, and Jim Wilson, K5ND, on his Amateur Radio Roundtable Show. We spoke about the full sweep of amateur radio within Scouting. Tom hosts a great amateur radio television show every Tuesday evening. You can find the video and the slide deck at Amateur Radio Roundtable September 2016.

The another presentation provided here was used at HamCom 2016 for amateur radio and Scouting audiences. It provides an overview of the structure of Radio Scouting from the World Scouting level, to the national level, to the council level. It also provides an update on the key numbers around 2015 participation levels.

HamCom Radio Scouting 2016 V1We've provided PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF files.

HamCom Radio Scouting 2016 PPTX

HamCom Radio Scouting 2016 PDF

HamCom Radio Scouting 2016 Keynote


This next presentation was originally used at HamCom 2015 in a presentation on radio scouting. It provides an update on activity levels and the many Scouting recognition items around amateur radio. We've provided the MS PowerPoint file and the same slides in a PDF deck.

Radio Scouting 2015 HamCom V2


Radio Scouting 2015 HamCom V2

Radio Scouting 2015 HamCom V2




The next slide deck was originally presented at the 2014 Dayton Hamvention in the Icom America booth. It covers the key elements of Radio Scouting from the perspective of an amateur radio operator. We've provided the MS PowerPoint file and the same slides in a PDF deck. You can also see the original presentation in the embedded YouTube video provided by Icom America.

2014 Dayton Radio Scouting Presentation PDF

2014 Dayton Radio Scouting Presentation PPT 

2014 Dayton Radio Scouting Presentation PPTX 

We also recommend that you print out the Radio Scouting Infographic at 11 x 17 for use in talking with small groups where it can readily show the history of amateur radio and Scouting. We also have a Radio Scouting Poster for printing.

The second presentation is provided for communicating with amateur radio clubs to encourage them and their members to consider conducting a Radio Merit Badge Workshop in support of the local Scout council. This will engage Scouts in  the fun, technology, and magic of amateur radio.

Teaching Radio Merit Badge PDF

Teaching Radio Merit Badge PPT

Teaching Radio Merit Badge PPTX


Scouting Audiences

If you need a short, simple presentation on Radio Scouting for a Scouting audience or any other audience of those unfamiliar with amateur radio, here's a good starting point.

This Power Point presentation was prepared for a webinar for Council International Representatives. It covers the broad topic of Radio Scouting from Jamboree on the Air, to Radio Merit Badge, to the Amateur Radio Operator Rating Strip, with some insight on the general topic of amateur radio. We've also provided a link to a video of Scouts participating in a Radio Merit Badge workshop along with their testimony of the fun and magic of amateur radio.

We have also provided Radio Scouting/JOTA Talking Points to help you in your discussions with Scouting audiences. You can find them here.

Radio Scouting Power Point File

Radio Scouting Presentation in PDF

Radio Scouting Video for use in your presentation.

See several Radio Scouting activities in action along with testimonial from Scouts.