Radio Merit Badge

The K2BSA operation at the 2013 Jamboree set a goal to facilitate 400 Scouts earning the Radio Merit Badge during the 10 days of the Jamboree. With that goal in mind, Ron Wood, K0BRO, and his team developed a laser-focused presentation that covered the amateur radio option's requirements in an order that focused first on the on-the-air operating experience and then a final segment that completed the rest of the requirements. This allowed for a 90-minute classroom segment devoted to the on-the-air experience, a 30-minute segment in the demonstration station getting on the air for the required 10-minute QSO, followed by another 90-minute classroom segment that covered the remaining requirements. This approach resulted in 339 Scouts earning the Radio Merit Badge during the Jamboree. A critical function was lining up the on-the-air contact by the K2BSA demonstration station and a number of hams at home making up the other side of that contact.

You can download the PowerPoint slide deck here.

K2BSA Radio MB Overview

2013 Jamboree Radio Merit Badge Presentation 08012013

You can download the Student Workbook here.

K2BSA 2013 Radio Merit Badge Workbook 06302013

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