2016 JOTA Patch Available

The 2016 Jamboree on the Air patch is available from BSA Supply. It's order number 634941. You can find it online at 2016 Jamboree on the Air Emblem. Make sure you order enough for your JOTA event.

JOTA 2016


K2BSA Shirts – Jackets – Hats @ HamThreads

We're delighted to announce that Dave Birdsley, KF8WS, at HamThreads has developed a line of K2BSA shirts, jackets, and hats. You can order them directly from HamThreads at Shirts and Jackets Design and at Hat Design. Or click on the nearby images.



USA Radio Scouting Net July 15 Check Ins

130-032-Radio-Scouting-180Thanks to everyone who checked into the first monthly USA Radio Scouting Net on July 15. Chris Overbey, WA5DM, hosted the net.

Here's the list of checkins: KD5MLD, NE4RD, N5YZA (who also relayed check ins), W6WF, N5BXP, N5HYP, KC9WW, K9EYZ, KR6AZ, and KO5RP.

I tried to check in but no one could hear me. I could hear everyone above check in but couldn't hear WA5DM, net control. I imagine that there were a few of you out there who experienced something similar. Lots of QRM, QRN, QSB, etc.

We are considering using Echolink's JOTA-365 conference node for the next round.

Thanks to Chris Overbey, WA5DM, for serving as net control and to everyone who checked in or attempted to check in. It's great to get this started.

73, Jim Wilson, K5ND

Ham Talk Live

762093c5d04176d3b09b3e3071df4c71Neil Rapp, WB9VPG, of Ham Talk Live hosted Will Jourdain, AA4WJ, from Icom America and Jim Wilson, K5ND, from the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association to talk about Scouting and Ham Radio, including Icom America's support of amateur radio in Scouting.

Listen to Ham Talk Live Episode 21 - Scouting and Ham Radio. It's a great discussion of all the exciting things going on in Radio Scouting.