USA JOTA 2016 Flash Numbers

Thanks to everyone who filed their Jamboree on the Air station report. After sifting through the reports and eliminating a few duplicates along with reports from countries outside the USA, we've compiled the early flash numbers. The great news is that there have been some excellent increases in participation. See the nearby graphic for the key numbers.


We've also conducted a drawing for the prizes that Icom America generously donated to generate enthusiasm for station reporting. It worked! The happy prize winners have been notified. WA4OTD was the grand prize winner and will receive an Icom ID-51A Plus.

We used RandomPicker to do the drawing. You can see the full results at

Next Steps

The next steps are to do further analysis and finalize the report for full publication. We'll be sifting through the written reports and suggestions, finding memorable quotes and photos/videos, as well as searching for other insight. We know for starters that there was far more interest this year in JOTA-JOTI from Scout leaders and parents based on the new 2016 Arrow of Light award requirement.

Thanks again to everyone who got on the air, shared the fun, technology, and magic of amateur radio with Scouts, and filed their report. Stay tuned for the full report later this month.

73, Jim Wilson, K5ND


Time to File Your JOTA Station Report

Please Complete Your Jamboree on the Air Station Report

Your information will be compiled into the USA JOTA-JOTI report and filed with the World Organization of the Scout Movement for their overall JOTA-JOTI report.

If you participated in both JOTA and JOTI, you can file your report here as a consolidated report for your location. If you only participated in JOTI, you can find the report form at

If you don't have exact numbers for some of the information, you can use your best judgement to provide an estimate. Once you press the "submit" button, you'll receive a confirmation email along with a link to download the JOTA 2016 Certificate.

You can find the report form at

Thanks for all your hard work bringing amateur radio and international perspective to Scouts.

Amateur Radio Roundtable September 2016

amateur-radio-roundtableTom Medlin, W5KUB, hosted Bill Stearns, NE4RD, and Jim Wilson, K5ND, on his September 20, 2016 Amateur Radio Roundtable Show. We spoke about the full sweep of amateur radio within Scouting. Tom hosts a great amateur radio television show every Tuesday evening.

You can see the video and download the slide deck at Amateur Radio Roundtable September 2016.

It’s Not Too Late To Put JOTA-JOTI On The Air This Year

If you’re like me you have had a crazy and busy summer and maybe your JOTA plans have been delayed. Here is the good news – it is not too late to put JOTA-JOTI on the air this year from your area. All it takes is 3 easy steps.

Join Or Start An Event



Check with your Council and District to see if there are any events planned where you can help. Check the JOTA-JOTI website for the world-wide and USA list of events at If you can't find one, consider doing an event with just your Troop or ones that are close to you. It could be a one-day event or even just an afternoon.   You might also consider a camping trip and taking some radios with you. Check for ideas and guidelines and tips. While you are on the site consider joining K2BSA. Even if it's just you, jump on the air and talk with Scouts around the world giving them contacts and time on the air.

Register and Get On The Air

Register your event at Consider checking into the Scout spotting cluster at and if you want to try to set up a scheduled contact check out All modes and frequencies are available including digital and Internet based, Also check out Facebook, Twitter and most other Social Media.

Add even more fun to your event by doing JamPuz or these activities . It will be a full moon so consider telescopes and maybe Google’s Sky Map app.

Report Your Activities

It doesn’t matter how big or small your event, don’t forget to file an After Action Report by completing your JOTA Station Report at For guidelines on how to report try   Every station that submits a JOTA Station Report will automatically be entered into a drawing sponsored by ICOM’s Ray Novak, N9JA. You will be in the running to win the grand prize, an Icom ID-51A Plus Ultraviolet HT. Icom America Ham Crew T-Shirt will go to five runners up. You will also receive a Reporting Certificate.

Don’t forget to have fun and be one of the 1 million who participate this year. Thanks for your support of Radio Scouting, it starts with you.

Don Kunst
EMT-P Tactical, BSIT, ASM T151, W3LNE
ShelterBox Ambassador
K2BSA Amateur Radio Association Vice President