JOTA Station Registration

The World JOTA-JOTI Team has started the world-wide station registration system. Please register your station at JOTA-JOTI Registration.

Make sure you read through the instructions. Registration requires that you have a username. It's a pretty simple process, explained on the sign up page. Once you have your username, you'll have full access to the registration system as well as many of the JOTA-JOTI activities that will be underway during the weekend. If you have further questions, you can review the FAQ page.

Registration will also provide you with what you'll need to participate in JamPuz, which is a code you swap with other JOTA-JOTI participants. There's further explanation at JamPuz. Please also note that participation in JamPuz is optional.

JOTA Station Reports

K7QQQ, above, filed their JOTA report in 2014 and provided some great photos. Please add this important aspect of the weekend to your plans for Jamboree on the Air in 2016. We need your report to demonstrate the success of JOTA to those in Scouting and amateur radio.

During the event capture a few key numbers: Scouts and Girl Scouts participating, visitors participating, amateur radio operators involved, radios on the air, total number of contacts, as well as states and countries contacted.

We would also like to see your best photos and hear some stories about your event. Add this to your JOTA action plan and make the assignment to someone on your team.

You can find a full list of things to do for your report at JOTA Station Report Best Practices.

If you're not yet ready to register your JOTA station but want to receive email updates, or if you just want to get on our mailing list, you can sign up at JOTA Email Sign Up.