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K2BSA/6 at Moorpark California Camporee

Benjamin Kuo, KK6FUT has provided this report on his recent K2BSA/6 activation. It was an incredible event as well as a superb example you can emulate at your camporee.

Ham Radio at the Boy Scout Camporee - April 21-22, 2017 - Moorpark, California

The Event:

  • ~600 participants from the Conejo Valley
  • ~450 scouts, 150 adults participating in event, 52 patrols from 12 different troops
  • ~55 contacts on 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 2m, and 70cm + IRLP
  • Modes: SSB, CW, PSK31


This year’s event went very, very well again, with another combination of challenging Boy Scouts to learn a little bit about Morse Code, and a number of contacts across many different bands, including a special contact with JS6TQS in Okinawa, Japan (on IRLP after the bands  did not work out for us on a scheduled contact). Again, the Morse Code contest attracted a lot of scouts, but surprisingly, we had a lot more scouts who wanted to get on the air, and even a couple of intrepid scouts who sat through an attempt on JT65 and were interested in the computer aspects of the hobby! The prize (provided by Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club) was very well received and *many* scouts stopped by specifically to learn about winning those radios. Setting up in the wind (again) was a good practice for operating under adverse conditions, and the station was far more robust in terms of dealing with weather this year. Crank up military mast and Hexbeam also made for some great contacts on Friday evening.  Although contacts were light on Saturday due to the CME, we still had opportunity to speak to contacts across 18 states and 3 countries.


  • “Wow, think what our patrol could do with those walkie talkies!”
  • “I really want to learn Morse Code!”
  • “That’s cool!”
  • “What’s that big umbrella thing?”
  • “You really can understand Morse Code?!?!”

Farthest contacts:

Other Scout Groups:

  • AG6JF (Jay Harland) – Corriganville Park, Rancho Simi District BSA
  • K5BSA / WA5DM (Chris Overbey) –Circle Ten Council BSA, Dallas, Texas

Participating Hams On Location:

  • KK6FUT (Ben Kuo) - BSA
  • W0UFC (Tom Stough)
  • AG6AG (Stu Sheldon)
  • W6RH (Rob Hanson)
  • WA6RIE (Arie Itzhak) – setup, tower
  • KF6JQO (Bill Wilcox) – setup, antenna, battery box

Participating Hams Offsite For QSOs:

  • K6POI (Tim Wheeler)
  • AB6ET (Norm Campbell)
  • W6JWZ (Ben Herrera)

Hams Encountered On Site 

  • KM6CKD (Jim Whalen) – new, Technician
  • KM6ECQ (Cole Edson) – Scout, youth, Technician (new)
  • KM6GUE (Jim Aguirre)



RSGB Amateur Radio Video

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has published a video providing a nice overview of amateur radio. It does a good job of covering the wide array of activities within the hobby and does so from a personal perspective.

It calls to mind a recent discussion on the USA Radio Scouting Net (second Thursday of every month at 9 PM Central, Echolink *JOTA-365*). The question was — how do you counter a Scout comment that they can do all this with their smart phone or with Minecraft, etc. The response was that we don't have to sell amateur radio. We can share it. It's one more activity among so many available to today's youth.

Of course, we find it fascinating and are delighted to share it. But we don't have to sell it.

It's all about planting seeds. Some with grow. Some with not. Some will grow later in life or when the Scout has grown up and is reviewing your application to put up a tower...

Here's the RSGB video.


Radio Merit Badge Numbers for 2016

Boy Scouts of America, via the Bryan on Scouting blog, have released the rankings and numbers for all the merit badges earned during 2016. You can find the full blog post at 2016 Merit Badge Rankings Unveiled.

Radio Merit Badge came in at 74 with 6,442 earned during 2016. This is down a bit from 2015 where it was ranked 73 and 6,709. For lifetime ranking Radio Merit Badge comes in at 88th on the list with 185,633.

It will be interesting to see the impact the new requirements have in 2017. Plus, the K2BSA Jamboree operation will add roughly 300 to the numbers. Most Jamboree years result in a higher number of badges earned.

We've updated our chart at Radio Merit Badge History.

March 2017 Jamboree on the Air and Radio Scouting Newsletter

The March 2017 Jamboree on the Air and Radio Scouting Newsletter has been published. You can find it at this link

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